Jordanian MP Loses It, Throws Shoe And Points Gun At Opponent

man gun

A politician in Jordan loses his shit and throws a shoe and then points a gun at his political opponent. This is how Question Time should roll.

man gun

Question Time in Jordan shits all over the British version. Then it picks up the shit, heats it up until it looks a bit like bolognese sauce or a really bad, painful hangover shit and throws it in your face, kicking you in the balls at the same time. It’s a nasty little creature and compared to the tedious, weak debates on the British Question Time, the Jordanian one is much better and shows us how things should be done.

I’m mainly zoned out watching Question Time, it’s on on a Thursday night and by then I’ve had a few cans or whatever else I can get my hands on. TV is shit most nights but Thursday takes the piss and after flicking through the channels and having no luck finding some good pussy or a cracking pair of tits I end up with Question Time on, so I can remind myself that life ain’t so bad after all.

You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen the people in the audience. I lie there, wondering how the fvck it’s actually still being aired and why the people in the audience all look like they deserve a good couple of dropkicks to the teeth. I used to wonder why the presenter, David Dimbleby, didn’t smile, too. I used to think he had something wrong with his face that wouldn’t let him smile but I soon realised he’s an old, grumpy cunt and he can’t do much about it. Having to sit with probably the most pedantic and pretentious people on the panel every week will do that to a guy, I suppose.

Johnny Rotten was on the panel not long ago, and it’s probably the most entertaining Question Time ever. His eyes were bulging so far out of his head he looked a bit like Spongebob Squarepants and you could smell the Whiz hanging from his membranes. He was fucked, the audience hated it, the panel hated it, but at least there was someone on there, finally, who wasn’t wearing a 2 grand suit and didn’t have their teeth polished by a Pygmy Monkey.

Even the Johnny Rotten episode is a bit of a sap compared to this, though. After arguing like a pair of schoolgirls for ages, one of the politicians absolutely loses his head and throws his shoe and then points a gun at his opponent. This is how shit should be done on Question Time, just give Dimbleby something to smoke before he goes on. Loosen the frigid cunt up.

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