Kylie Jenner Posted This Underwear Picture As A Pitch To Calvin Klein (PHOTO)


The Kardashian version of a job application.

Kylie Jenner just loves having her picture taken, so why not make a career out of it? In her recent Instagram post it appears she is aiming her talents at Calvin Klein by wearing a similarly branded Pretty Little Thing underwear set.

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Yes, it looks like Kylie would make the perfect candidate for a Calvin Klein campaign. She’s definitely famous enough. Maybe they should pair her up with equally insufferable previous Calvin Klein model Justin Bieber. Just imagine the riveting conversations between those two.


In the Kardashian world, this is probably the closest thing they’ll ever get to a job application. Although I don’t know why she just doesn’t just make a sex tape and be done with it. She could live off the profits from that for years to come.


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