Farrah Abraham Had A Diva Meltdown And Called Teen Mom Producer ‘White Trash’

Farrah Abraham

This woman is a complete tool.

Without even trying, Farrah Abraham just seems to be an absolute master at making herself look trashy and dumb — I don’t think she even clocked that this guy was massively trolling her in one of the most awkward interviews of all time. And how about getting her 6-year-old daughter to trash talk Nicki Minaj on Twitter? We all know who won’t be getting ‘mother-of-the-year award’.

In her latest move, the reality TV star has an argument with the producers and bosses of Teen Mom while she was meant to be filming the finale. It all started because Farrah’s contract did now allow her to take part in another reality show. It’s worth mentioning that it was a competing series so it’s a pretty justified prohibition.

But in the world of Farrah this was just not acceptable and when the film crew rocked up to her $2 million mansion to film, she started kicking off, called the producer Larry Musnik ‘white trash’ and just generally acted like a spoiled brat:

Although you don’t see this in the video, according to reports she even shoved the show boss and called them a ‘dumb, twisted mother fucker’.

It’s unreal that she has the audacity to call it a trashy show — I mean didn’t she try and break the porn industry and make a line of sex toys based on her vagina? Anyway joke’s on her because this is going to get the show loads of ratings while simultaneously making her look like a complete jackass. Two birds, Farrah.


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