Nicki Minaj Is Beefing Farrah Abraham’s 6-Year-Old Daughter On Twitter

Twitter beef has reached a new low.

Two people who are no strangers to Twitter beefs and meltdowns — Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham — clashed heads this week after Nicki caught an episode of Teen Mom and didn’t appreciate the way Farrah spoke to her own mum.

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It began as a 1-on-1 Twitter beef featuring A+ hash tags like #bigcunt, instigated by Minaj:

I guess Farrah was still screwing over the whole thing a couple days later, as she decided to drag her 6-year-old daughter into it. In fact little 6-year-old Sofia has her own personal Twitter account, from which she shared a video cussing out Nicki Minaj (with a little encouragement from her mum I’m sure):

Wow. Of all the dumb things Farrah Abraham has said and done over the years, getting her 6-year-old daughter involved in Twitter beef with a rapper is just some grade A brainless shit. What does a 6-year-old need a Twitter account for anyways? To chat shit to Nicki Minaj?

Leave the kids out of this Farrah – here’s all the ammunition you need.


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