Fake Rough Sleepers Earn Up To £600 A Day – More Than From A Real Job

Fair play I suppose.

There’s no denying that the homeless problem in this country is very real and getting worse and worse, but there’s a whole different dimension that none of us have probably even really thought about that has been uncovered by former soldier Ed Stafford in the Channel 4 programme ’60 Days On The Street’.

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Ed is spending 60 days as a rough sleeper to try and learn more about the situation in this country and in tonight’s episode he travels to London, where he discovers that there are a whole bunch of ‘fake’ beggars who actually have homes but choose to beg for money instead of working as it nets them more cash. Darren tells Ed the following:

You get people who stand there and pray, old people give them money. ‘If you walk down here at a certain time there’s gonna be 10 or 11 people begging on one street, so you have to find what works for you.

If you get pound coins in your pot – take them out, otherwise people can take them,’ he advises Ed. ‘Then take your shoes off and wrap your sleeping bag round your feet, with a magazine – it’s about creating a picture for people.’

The most generous givers are those who’ve been to the pub who give you ‘silly money’.

The most I’ve had off one person is £600.

Alrite for some isn’t it? Not really sure what to make of that as it’s obviously pretty disgusting behaviour, but at the same time I guess you have to admire the guy for making more money from doing nothing rather than working some shitty job? It’s not a cool situation at all though, for anyone featured in the programme.

Obviously I hope that the homeless situation clears up and that this won’t be a problem for anyone in the future, but that really is wishful thinking isn’t it. So it goes.

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