Underrated Rappers You Need To Know About: Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry

Next in series it’s the turn of Miami native Denzel ‘Aquarius’ Curry. I hope you’ve already heard of him, but have no fear if you haven’t.

1. Lil Ugly Mane — Twistin’ (Feat. Denzel Curry)

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 I’ll have to introduce you to Lil Ugly Mane another time, but this collaboration with Curry is a perfect demonstration of both at their best. I love the play on words here — are they in a car? Rolling weed? Both? Most likely both. A smokers cough and a fist firmly to your chest to soothe your inflamed lungs is what this song requires.

Did you know? Denzel performed on Boiler Room’s Rap Life: Miami earlier this year, with Robb Bank$ and a slew of other friends whose performances were scorned by what I can only define as high levels of intoxication. But there was a silver lining, since the waved out elders allowed the younger klan fare to shine. I should mention Pouya here too, who was another highlight, and send my regards to Oneman who received not much respect in terms of audience participation. Watch Denzel perform  Twistin’ live below:

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So, can we expect more? Definitely. The beauty that is the personal studio and the social platform is what makes it so. I await with eager ears.

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