Underrated Rappers You Need To Know About: Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry

Next in series it’s the turn of Miami native Denzel ‘Aquarius’ Curry. I hope you’ve already heard of him, but have no fear if you haven’t.

4. Bitch Named Bitch (Feat. Yung Lean)

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‘Bitch Named Bitch’ is lo-fi wonderment featuring Sweden’s Yung Lean, who released an EP earlier this year to good response. It wasn’t my cup of tea personally, but my opinions won’t hinder me from telling you it’s probably really very good so go seek it out.

Anyways, here we learn that women are bitches and there is a woman (who is a bitch) of the same namesake. She is his bitch now, but was/is someone else’s bitch. Conclusively, since he’s with the bitch now, naturally the other guy is a bitch by default for not having the bitch.

I think.

Either way it’s one of those tracks that makes you want to pretend you’re in a music video when you’re actually by the microwave or waiting for the bus with your headphones in. Or is that just me? Personally I think its healthy to spend a moment of each day standing in front of the mirror lip-syncing terribly whilst looking cool doing those jumpy, sign language hands, rapper-y two-step dance moves rappers do with their mates when they are on camera. Go Sims on this song; find your reflection and work on those charisma points — trust me.

Apparently… the release of this track came with a tiny aftermath of annoyance from his manager, who asked for it to be taken down due to its poor quality, lack of mastering and the mutterings that Lean’s final take was yet to be recorded. But who cares? It’s a great track. Calm down dear, it’s 2013.

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