Underrated Rappers You Need To Know About: Dark Time Sunshine

Dark time sunshine

Dark Time Sunshine are Seattle based hip-hop duo Onry Ozzborn and Zavala.

Ok, so Dark Time Sunshine aren’t necessarily strictly rappers. Instead, the Seattle based duo consists of rapper Onry Ozzborn and the highly creative producer Zavala. I’m including both though because I’m a firm believer that you have to credit the producer just as much, and although Onry Ozzborn has released plenty of  albums and tracks, when he links up with Zavala it’s truly something special.

Onry Ozzborn is probably best known for his part in the Hip-Hop group Grayskull, who are signed to record labels such as Rhymesayers and Fake Four Inc. — both fantastic labels that are worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Listening to Dark Time Sunshine is like taking a psychedelic trip. Ozzborn and Zavala really push the boundaries of hip-hop, and they work perfectly together. Ozzborn’s distinct sound and wordplay are immaculately complimented by the forward thinking production of Zavala, which to be honest, I can’t really explain the sound, you just have to give it a listen.

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Dark Time Sunshine undoubtedly have a unique sound, blending abstract soundscapes and thoughtfully provoking metaphorical lyrical wisdom into something that sounds distinctly hip-hop — but with a wonderful alternative twist that leaves you wanting more. I really don’t know where Zavala gets the inspiration from for his production, but it just has to be heard to be fully appreciated.

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Ozzborn and Zavala are probably one of my favourite combinations in hip-hop at the moment. If you’re a fan of the abstract side of hip-hop, Aesop Rock style lyrics you have to spend hours deciphering, and the sound of the American underground hip-hop scene (which is killing it creatively at the moment), then I’m sure you’ll welcome the sounds of Dark Time Sunshine with open arms.

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Ozzborn goes through many emotions and stories in his rapping, from tales of young pregnancy and personal addiction to philosophical reflection about the human race, life, and the purpose of all of this that we call reality. These tales are intertwined into truly original sounding hip-hop symphonies thanks to Zavala’s production. Dark Time Sunshine definitely deserve more recognition. If you love hip-hop and you haven’t heard of them then treat your ears to their sounds.

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