David Cameron Tweets For The First Time Since #Piggate, Probably Wishes He Hadn’t

Clearly no one told David Cameron that it’s way, WAY too early to start Tweeting again.

Is it too soon for David Cameron to be Tweeting or doing anything on social media at all, since he got exposed for (allegedly) being a dead pig fucker?

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I guess he thought enough time had passed and it was back to business at usual, except if he knew anything about how the Internet works he probably would have kept quiet for another week or so.

Here’s his Tweet, and the savage responses it received:

Brutal. Imagine how many sleepless nights David Cameron spent during his career worrying whether the story about him sticking his dick in a dead pig would ever come out, and now it’s finally happened and he’s feeling the full effects of the entire world taking the piss out of him for it. He probably even reached the point where he thought it would never get out. Then one day he wakes up and boom — it’s on the front page and people cannot stop cracking jokes about it.

Still, the David Cameron troll of the week goes to these two jokers who actually tried to deliver a pig to 10 Downing Street. Laugh out loud funny.


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