This Video Is Why Danny Dyer’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Episode Was The Fackin’ Best


Absolute diamond geezer.

Danny Dyer has always been a favourite of us here on Sick Chirpse, but he’s taken it from strength to strength recently following his BAFTA award winning role on Eastenders and his appearance on ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ last week.

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In Danny’s episode, when looking into his family history he discovered that he might be vaguely related to the royal family and Thomas Cromwell, and as you expect the results were typically Danny Dyer as he went on a  quest to try and discover the truth. I would encourage you to watch the entire episode because it really was that good, but if you haven’t got enough time then just watch the 90 second highlights below that someone has kindly made for us:

What can I say? Classic Danny Dyer and if that hasn’t encouraged you to tune in and watch the entirety of the show then I’ve got to think that there’s something wrong with you.

I mean that was only 90 seconds of highlights and even though they’re the best parts imagine some of the corkers he would have come up with and ridiculously dumb conversations that he would get into with all the people who he met in that video. I mean can you imagine how funny that conversation he had with that lord must have been?

If you’ve any doubt about Danny Dyer, then check out our interview with him. Absolute diamond geezer.


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