Way before he was drinking whiskey from the bottle, Danny Dyer was drinking Coca Cola that his mommy bought for him….but she wouldn’t always get the right brand.

Way before Real Football Factories, way before, The Football Factory and all those other movies which are basically the same as it, and even way before Human Traffic, Danny Dyer was a young actor trying to catch a break in a tough business. So he starred in this advert for Coca Cola which has a pretty neat plot for a 30 second ad break, as the two protagonists try to determine whether the supermarket brand Coke that Danny Dyer’s mom has purchased by accident is as good as the real thing. This is all performed to a cheesy porny style backing track as well, which only serves to enhance the experience. And as for Danny Dyer’s performance, well, you can see why he’s gone on to become one of the world’s greats. The delivery of that last line…..breathtaking.

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