What’s The Creepiest, Most Obsessive Thing You Have Ever Done?

Reddit users were asked about the creepiest, most obsessive thing they have ever done. Here are some the responses.


When I was 16, parents thought it was a good idea to put me on anti-depressants. They didn’t know my depression was drug induced. Drinking/smoking weed every day. I drink at school and get suspended for a week. When mom picks me up, she takes me out to outskirts of town to see Dad. He freaks out on me the moment he sees me. I’d never seen him so angry. He pushes me down. I say fuck this and run into the field as fast as I can, running for the mountains. Majorly unstable. My plan was get to next town and be gone forever. Stop running after 20 minutes. Then see two snakes on the ground. One larger and one smaller, so I guess they were mating. I figure I could eat one if i get hungry. So I jump on smaller one (maybe 3ft long) and grab it by it’s head. I pick up the sharpest rock I could find, which wasn’t very sharp and cut it’s head off. Peel away it’s skin like a sweat soaked tube sock coming off of a foot. I try to make it to farmers house to steal his truck. Cop picks me up with snake skin and meat around my neck, head in my pocket. I still have the head.

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