What’s The Creepiest, Most Obsessive Thing You Have Ever Done?

Reddit users were asked about the creepiest, most obsessive thing they have ever done. Here are some the responses.


Years ago, I used to walk in to an office that I didn’t work at every Tuesday at lunch and I would pretend that I belonged there. I would wear a suit, comb my hair neatly and I would have a briefcase or a newspaper in my hand. Then I would go in to the dining room and eat the food that they had stored in the fridge.

‘Bob’, and ‘Robert’. I don’t know if it was the same guy, but I would only eat the food with the name ‘Bob’ and ‘Robert’ written on the it.

I even had conversations with some of the people that worked there. Of course, I would be very cautious and not eat the food in front of them, but whenever I got the chance and I was alone, I would eat it. I sat in the dining room. read the news paper, had some coffee from the coffee machine they had in there, and I would just “belong”. Nobody questioned me. For 90 days I did this.

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