What’s The Creepiest, Most Obsessive Thing You Have Ever Done?

Reddit users were asked about the creepiest, most obsessive thing they have ever done. Here are some the responses.


A friend of mine.

Dated a girl for week.

On the 8th day, they were suppose to hang out and the girl wasn’t answering her phone.

My friend decided to:

A) Drive by her house and stay in front of her house for 2 hours

B) Call a locksmith at 2 A.M. to have his locks changed costing him 250$ (he had given her the key to his appartment)

C) Start sending her massive texts messages about how much of her whore she is

D) Sends a picture of himself and her, naked, to her ex-boyfriend on facebook telling him how much of a little slut she is.

All along, she was in the emergency room with no reception on her phone.

Ps, this dude also threw a full sized roasted chicken in the window of a grocery store because his ex was working the cash right next to the window.

This dude also threw a full closed can of beer directly at my head because a girl he “liked” (he met her that night) was sitting on me.

He’s 28.

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