Today’s Top 4 Crap Celebrity News Items #2

Here’s another four non-news items courtesy of the Daily Mail online. Thanks for the guff you plums. Awful and pointless, but that’s celebrities for you.

I hate the Daily Mail, and I’m sure you do too. This series of posts “celebrates” the palpable guff that the ‘Daily Mail online’ website produces. Celebrity items have always been pointless and embarrassingly sycophantic, but the Mail always manages to dig that hole a little bit deeper and a whole lot duller.

Every week I will bring you some of the worst of the worst as far as celebrity tosh and non-news is concerned. The worst thing about this tripe is that they wouldn’t publish it unless someone was clicking on it. What’s wrong with the world? I can’t answer that question, but what I can tell you is that we are all screwed unless we bring the Daily Mail to its knees. Are you with me?

4) Wet Hair

Daily Mail Celeb Non-news - Kardashian

Website: Daily Mail Online

Headline: The price of beauty! Kim Kardashian braves the New York cold with WET hair as she undergoes conditioning treatment

More Fitting Headline: Woman has her hair done

Summary: Kim “oooh look at me” Kardashian had her hair done and went outside whilst it was still wet. The Daily Mail deep research team theorise that she had some kind of conditioning treatment. Hold the front page! Also, look at the div with the camera on the right of the photo above. He is soooo pleased to be filming her. So very, very pleased. Someone will give that man cash for a video of a woman with wet hair. I’d also like to point out the capitalisation of the word “WET” in the title. It’s as if they literally can’t believe the madness and excitement of it all.

Quote To Note: “A thick layer of foundation covered her skin, her eyes were darkly highlighted with Kohl, while her lips were pink and her cheeks a vibrant red”.

Favourite Reader’s Comment: “Her face annoys me now”

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