James Woods Cop on the Edge

Nowadays, in the limp-wristed two thousand and teens, you have to be a dorky looking teenager with superpowers or a depressed vampire to be considered a movie hero. Back when I was young it was different. Our heroes were all Cops on the Edge.

Bad Lieutenant Cops on the Edge


  • Film: Bad Lieutenant (8)
  • Loneliness: 9
  • Results Gotten Whilst Playing by Own Rules: 2
  • Substance Abuse: 10
  • Deadness of Wife: 3*
  • Bursting into Tears Potential: 10
  • Use of Term “Shitbird”: 9
  • Likelihood of Falling in Love with Prostitute: 9
  • Likliehood of Killing Self: 9
  • Likelihood of Being Shitcanned off the Case: 5
  • Walking Around Naked for No Reason Potential: 10
  • Likelihood of Offering to Fight Gary Busey on his Partner’s Lawn to Prove Some Weird Point, Even Though he’s Already Arrested Him and the Film Should be Over: 2
  • Likelihood of Pulling Over Two Teenage Girls and Forcing Them to Mime Oral Sex As He Stands Outside the Car Masturbating: 750
  • Edgy Cop Wisdom: (While speaking to Jesus) “Mutt! You got something that you want to say to me? You fvck! You rat fvck! You rat fvck!” (5)

* Points awarded because, though alive, he probably wishes she was dead.

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