This Conversation Is Proof That Working In Customer Service Is The Absolute Worst

“Look into my eyes – do I seem mad?”

A guy named Jeremy who works at American fashion chain ‘Hot Topic’ over in Pennsylvania recorded a terrifying conversation he had with a deranged customer this week.

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The man discusses his dragon father, the nature of power, that “fucking retard” Lucifer, and how he wants Jeremy to give him his soul in return for blood.

Totally normal behaviour:

What a lovely way to kick off 2017 back at your shitty retail job eh? Just keeping it friendly with a customer who’s demanding you give him your soul and then… buys a pair of jeans I guess? Good on Jeremy for having the presence of mind to film this lunatic for our entertainment, but you should probably ask for a transfer to another store ASAP.

Almost as bonkers as the customers who frequent this ghetto petrol station at night.


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