Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Disrupts BBC Sunday Politics Show, Gets Called An ‘Idiot’


Alex Jones was ranting like a maniac on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Show today, so Andrew Neil had to shut him down.


Remember Alex Jones? He’s the guy who claimed the Boston Bombings were staged, that 9/11 and the London bombings were inside jobs, that the government was behind Sandy Hook and Aurora, that Barack Obama engineered the hurricanes in Oklahoma, etc, etc. Basically, if there’s a disaster, then the government was behind it, and you’re all mugs if you think otherwise.

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Alex Jones has followers, and lots of them. Over 200,000 on Twitter. There are people out there who believe in him and his message. It may sound a bit OTT to compare him to Hitler, but if you think about it that’s what he is: a smart and charismatic man manipulating simpleminded people toward dangerous beliefs. We’re not even sure Alex Jones believes in the shit that he sells, because we have faith in humanity and doubt Darwin would actually let anyone that stupid live this long. But whatever he really thinks, he has made a career out of screaming conspiracy, belittling legitimate tragedies and insulting the victims of these disasters.


Today he was invited onto the BBC’s Sunday Politics show to talk about the annual meeting of the Bilderberg group. If you’re of rational, sane mind and have looked into the Bilderbergs, you may have read Jon Ronson’s book ‘Them’, in which he investigates the Bilderbergs and discovers that they are a group of business leaders, politicians and policy makers who meet up, get drunk and piss in the woods, while the conspiracy theory groups make themselves ill trying to figure out what they are meeting about, and invariably jump to conclusions when they find no answers.

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You may have also read Julian Assange’s thoughts on the Bilderbergs, describing their meetings as ‘vaguely conspiratorial’. Julian Assange is a conspiracy theorist we can respect and trust, because he always has definitive proof to back up his claims. Alex Jones on the other hand, believes the Bilberbergs are a shadowy, evil network that govern the world, and who have set in motion a “Nazi plan” to take it over.

Fellow guest journalist David Aaronovitch, who has written about conspiracy theorists, notes that Jones thinks the Bilderbergs are powerful and ruthless. If that’s the case, he asks him, ‘why are you still alive?’

Alex Jones has no answer for this, of course, and just loses his nut and refuses to STFU which is what he usually resorts to. When Aaronovitch tries to get into why people believe conspiracy theories, Jones is still waffling shit and eventually has to be shut down by host Andrew Neil. This prompts Jones to go into complete meltdown, and Neil calls him an ‘idiot’ and ‘the worst person I have ever interviewed’.

If Alex Jones wants to be taken seriously outside of the conspiracy theorist world, he may want to calm down and consider presenting his ideologies in a civilised manner rather than shouting his head off and disrespecting the person who’s trying to debate him. Or maybe he should drop the whack ideologies altogether?

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