Post Piers Morgan Debate – Alex Jones Is Mental

Alex Jones - Piers Morgan - Proper Dickhead

GAV recently posted a TV clip featuring Piers Morgan Vs Alex Jones AKA Gun Lover. Cringey viewing. Here is the gun dicks rebuttal. Guess what? It’s lame.

Alex Jones - Piers Morgan - Proper Dickhead

The other day Gav, our brother in Chirpse, wrote a post and showed us some bloody ace videos of Piers Morgan interviewing a monumental ming mong – Alex Jones – who is some sort of ultra-gun-loving-shoot-lover. He’s a radio DJ and basically bangs on a butt load about how guns are ace, and people that want to ban guns are lily livered bum chums. So read this post here first to get your homework sorted:

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Right. Now you are up to speed, below is his come back. Apparently, half way through the show Piers Morgan’s staff were crying on set and cancelled the last segment they had planned with him. And fair enough to be honest. Alex would not shut up throughout his segments. Yeah, Morgan is a bit of a smoothy-no-balls and a johnny-cock-rubber, but in this case he wasn’t even given a chance to reveal his true shades of shit. Alex Jones just filled all available air with his hoarse, horse-like voice. He is a proper nob jockey. And this video below is him getting all paranoid about people watching him, or threatening him, or whatever. He is a mong, a paranoid mong. A stupid retardicon, low battery module frickin’ nubbin. I hate him. He should lay off the ‘roids. Check it:

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