Chris Smalling & His Wife Claim They Saw A UFO In Jamaica And ‘It Was 100 Billion% Not A Drone’

Seems legit.

Former Man United star and current Roma player Chris Smalling is convinced he and his wife spotted a UFO in Jamaica while on holiday enjoying the off-season.

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Former Page 3 girl Sam Cooke promised she and Chris ‘weren’t on magic mushrooms’…

Hmm. Definitely sounds like aliens to me. Could it have been a drone, by any chance? Well Sam considered that and the answer is “no”…

It makes sense I suppose. I mean if you were an alien flying around in a UFO, wouldn’t you want to go somewhere cool and tropical like Jamaica? I mean you’re hardly going to go to Birmingham or somewhere are you? Hit a Caribbean beach, grab a drink by the water, soak in some rays. Aliens are notoriously smart – way smarter than us.

Can we even make fun of Chris & Sam or call them crazy at this point? After all, everyone and their mothers have claimed to see a UFO. Everyday people claim to see them. UFC legend Diego Sanchez saw one. Miley Cyrus saw one. Tom DeLonge has seen a few. Maradona was even kidnapped by a UFO once. It’s barely even big news when someone sees a UFO these days because it’s just so common. So if Chris Smalling & his lovely wife Sam claim they saw a UFO in Jamaica, then they saw a UFO in Jamaica. Case closed.

Barack Obama even recently confirmed that aliens are 100% real but he’s not allowed to tell us about them. What a spoilsport.


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