Tom DeLonge Filmed One Of The Freakiest UFO Videos You Will Ever See Last Night


In case you don’t know, former Blink 182 man Tom DeLonge is co-founder of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, one of the leading paranormal research organisations in the world.

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We’ve shared a bunch of UFO videos by Tom in the past, all of which were questionable at best. Have to say though, I don’t know what to make of this footage he captured near his home last night. Have a gander for yourselves:

Is Tom just messing us about? Have a read of his caption:

We were the only ones on the beach last night as this light disappeared, reappeared, broke into three pieces and stacked vertically with one little red dot flying around the top and then disappeared for the rest of the evening. This video doesn’t show much, but we were up quite late watching the light dance about a half a mile to a mile off of the beach. It was huge, and it was fiery orange. … Lue checked immediately, there were no flights in the area except one that I had my eyes on the entire time. No military, no boats, and a bunch of hovering lights that were stacking on top of each other… wild. Who knows…

Who knows indeed. Not me, that’s for sure. What we do know is there’s no way mother nature could produce a fiery orange orb that breaks up into three pieces and does everything Tom describes in his description. Like he says there was no military, no boats, no sign of any other life in the airspace. So what the hell was that exactly?

Is it possible that Tom DeLonge doctored this video himself? I guess. But surely he’d be able to come up with something better than this if that was the case. One thing I will say is that if there was ever a good time for aliens to come check out what’s happening on Earth, it’s when we’re all trapped in our homes in the middle of a pandemic with little to no air traffic or people out and about to put them off.

Or… it could just be an April Fool’s joke by Tom? Although *checks time and date* it’s well past time to let us know. Oh well, the truth is out there anyway.

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