You Wont Believe What The Child Actors From Hook Are Up To Now…

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20 years on, all of The Lost Boys have grown up.

Amber Scott

Maggie Banning Hook Then And Now

Amber Scott played Peter Pan’s daughter Maggie Banning in the movie. Nobody really knows much about what happened to Amber Scott after that – she’s definitely the least prominent of all the child actors who appeared in Hook, although one thing is for certain: she grew up to be a super hot babe. We also know that she graduated from Trinity College in Connecticut and pretty much gave up on acting following Hook.

For some reason though she does have a Facebook fan page dedicated to her, which is kind of creepy when you think about it considering she was a seven year old girl that appeared in one movie 23 years ago. I mean, that’s just weird right? I mean there’s this one guy called Lucas Clements who has posted multiple messages to her who is definitely a complete and utter psycho/weirdo. Or perhaps actually just in Primary School but it seems too weird for that to actually be the case, although we all know little kids can be completely weird.

Check them out below:

Lucas Clemonts Weirdo

Lucas Clemonts Weirdo 2

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