There’s A Cannabis Themed Yoga Retreat In California Called The Ganga Goddess Getaway

Gnagja Goddess Getaway

Some of us stoners might feel that a yoga retreat is just a bit too out of our comfort zone, but what if it was also combined with a weed festival too.

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That’s exactly what the Ganga Goddess Getaway over in California seeks to bring to the table. Unfortunately, it’s female only, but if any of you weed girls feel like getting down with it, here’s what it brings to the table:

They can expect to love and connect with the women around them, to feel connected to the earth, and above all to reconnect with their inner goddess and feel like the divine creation that they are.

They can also expect a lot of food, weed, yoga, laughter, and good times.

Good times include yoga, massages, painting, belly dancing, herbology, tarot, female sexuality and self-improvement classes, also cannabis panels, karaoke nights, swimming in the pools, hiking and more.

Women’s relationships are often portrayed by the media as catty and competitive. Cannabis allows you to get real, real quick. It allows women to be candid and honest and skip the small talk.

And this environment of letting your guard down cultivates intimacy and connection and allows us to create a sisterhood that is rooted in authenticity and love.

Sounds pretty awesome right? Just a shame that it’s female only I suppose. Tickets range between $200 and $420 (lol) and include food, accommodation and a $200 swag bag full of weed and weed related products like edibles.

Sounds like you’re gonna get baked if you end up going, but I suppose that’s half the fun. The rest of the activities do look genuinley incredible, Kinda wish someone would do this for guys, but then it would just be full of fat lazy stoners showing you boring YouTube videos they think are really funny so it wouldn’t be the same exactly. Oh well.

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