Here Are The Innocent Comments Made By Alison Parker That Deluded Virginia Shooter Decided Were Racial Slurs



It’s been well documented the last couple days that Virginia shooter Vester Lee Flanagan AKA Bryce Williams claimed that one of his victims, journalist Alison Parker, had made racist remarks towards him prior to the incident.

WDBJ bosses looked into the ‘nonsense’ complaints, which Flanagan had filed with them before carrying out the murders.

Tweets sent by Flanagan after the shooting:

Bryce tweets

Here’s how station managed Jeff Marks described it:

I just want to say one thing. Anything you read in that manifesto was utter nonsense.

The fella came here looking for grievances to happen. The fact that he accused Alison of saying ‘oh there’s Cotton Fields Road, I know someone who lives on that’ and that was a racial slur and she said it with a smirk – there was no smirk in Alison Parker.

The things he cited at the time and then later were nonsense. We investigated and there was nothing too them. He was the one who was deluded.


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Flanagan also believed Parker was taking a racist dig at him when she once talked about “swinging” by some place, and that often a watermelon would be “strategically placed” around the office purely to racially taunt him.

Trevor Fair, a former cameraman at the station, added:

We would say stuff like, ‘The reporter’s out in the field.’ And he would look at us and say, ‘What are you saying, cotton fields? That’s racist.

We’d be like, ‘What?’ We all know what that means, but he took it as cotton fields, and therefore we’re all racists.

Sounds like this guy was just looking for a fight wherever he could find one. Obviously, no one knew just how deep his grievances lay and how far he’d eventually take things.

The press were allowed access into Flanagan’s home following the murders — you can check out what they found HERE.



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