Calvin Harris RINSES Taylor Swift’s Life In Epic Twitter Rant After She Exposes Song Secret

If you thought Taylor Swift was bad at handling break-ups, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Taylor Swift might be one of the most untouchable people out there right now but one guy who isn’t taking any shit from her is ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

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If you remember Taylor Swift dumped him a few weeks back and then 15 minutes later was hooking up with Tom Hiddlestone.

As if that wasn’t brutal enough, she then leaked news to the press that she wrote Calvin’s hit tune ‘This Is What You Came For’, which Harris recorded with Rihanna.


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Well Calvin Harris finally had enough and fired off some warning shots:


Sorry Calvin, but you should’ve seen this one coming. This is exactly what Taylor Swift does. She has public relationships and public breakups and then turns them into smash hits that make her millions. Just ask Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles – she played them like a pair of love-struck pussies and now she’s the biggest star on the planet. But you can take some pleasure in the fact she’ll probably end up a lonely cat lady once all the fellas start to figure out what’s going on.


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