Leaked Sources Say Tom Hiddleston Is Only Dating Taylor Swift So He Can Play James Bond

Used and abused.

About 20 minutes after she’d broken up with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift was pictured looking loved up with Loki AKA Tom Hiddleston, demonstrating possibly the fastest bounce-back from a break-up of all time.

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Well a load of Hollywood insiders are suggesting that 35-year-old Tom is only dating 26-year-old Taylor because it substantially boosts his chances of replacing Daniel Craig as the next James Bond.

Bond producers are looking for a world-renowned actor to take on the role, and while he’s a pretty big name in the UK, he’s not really super-established elsewhere yet.

A source confirmed:

Tom is making a huge power play dating Taylor in his quest to be the next James Bond. Producers are desperate for the next Bond to be a universal name that will boost the brand worldwide, especially in America.

It does make sense from Loki’s perspective if you think about it. You do a UK TV series (Night Manager), you play an Avengers villain, you date Taylor Swift and you do all the talk shows and boom – you’ve hit so many audiences that suddenly you’re the #1 name being batted around to play Bond. Also works out for Taylor Swift because when they break up she’s got some sick material to turn into a song that every girl under 30 will jizz themselves over.

Sorry Idris Elba, maybe next time.


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