Statistics Show You Can Burn More Calories Giving Head Than You Can At The Gym

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Pumping some serious iron.

OK, so obviously this all depends on how hard you go at the gym/how vigorous your oral technique is, but turns out it is possible to burn a surprising amount of calories while sucking dick or licking vagina.

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In fact, just half an hour of oral sex can burn up to 100 calories. And to think I would spend ages on a running machine when I could’ve just been doing something that I do for fun. That’s basically the equivalent of a 35 minute slow jog.

One absolute nutter, LA based sexologist Jaiya Kinzbach, said that you can even further boost your metabolic rate during oral by doing some push ups or yoga.

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I’m going to be honest, if a guy started doing push ups while his head was between my legs, he would be out of that door faster than you could say treadmill. If you’re into that idea though and don’t think it would be too off putting, apparently you can blast an additional 71 calories just by throwing a few extra moves in there. Or you could just try giving head for even longer, which would be a much better option.

So yeah, say you had indulged in a can of coke, then you just need to do 45 minutes of giving head. That does sound ages, but maybe you could split it into three sessions and then everyone’s a winner. You’re fit and healthy and your partner is happy. What’s not to love?

Not only is oral sex good for physical health, but apparently sucking dick is also a great one for beating depression.


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