Bros Return To Brixton Academy After The Success Of Their Viral Documentary


When will I be, will I be famous?

Most of us had probably forgotten about Bros until this Christmas where their unintentionally hilarious documentary became a surprise hit in the festive viewing schedule.

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If you haven’t seen it yet then I suggest that you watch it immediately because it really does feature some of the best quotes you’ll ever hear in a film of this sort – it’s almost like a real life version of The Office or Spinal Tap. Or you could just watch some of the highlights below:

Absolute gold. Anyway, Bros have decided to play on their resurgent popularity by announcing another show this summer at Brixton Academy on July 5th. The news was announced on Matt Goss’ official Twitter account with the singer saying the following:

Greta news. I mean it’s a bit weird given how they just played two nights at the O2 last year they probably could have done that again – especially considering their newfound fame – so it’s kinda weird that they’re just doing one show in a smaller venue. Maybe they’re hoping to do a few nights there when the first one sells out. Or maybe they just wanna make loads of money by making it in a smaller venue and jacking up the price. Who knows?

To be honest I doubt there’s going to be the buzz about them in July that there is now, so anyone picking up tickets ‘ironically’ might wanna think about what they’re actually going to be doing in 7 months before doing so. Anyone who’s seen the documentary knows that there’s enough Bros fans out there anyway to fill Brixton so maybe just let them enjoy it instead of latching onto Bros now that they’re ‘cool’ hey?

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