Bouncer Slaps Dude Into Another Dimension After He Wouldn’t Stop Touching Him (VIDEO)

He asked for it.

When you’re a drunk, skinny, 5 foot nothing partygoer trying to push the buttons of a nightclub bouncer 3 times your size it’s only ever going to end one way, as this poor guy over in Spain found out recently.

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The bouncer initially lets it slide when the kid gropes his titty, but when he starts trying to grind up on him – it’s lights out:

Welp, you can’t say he didn’t warn him.

Then again we should probably cut the guy some slack – he’s clearly off his face and will have no recollection of the incident when he wakes up from his coma in the morning. You’d think the bouncer might have a little more consideration for a little man who can’t hold his liquor but apparently not. Everyone has their limits I suppose.

Great comment under the video on Twitter:

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