Son Almost Gets Murdered By Dad After He ‘April Fools’ Him Into Thinking He Broke The TV

That was close.

Imagine having 4 kids at home to look after during quarantine, and the way they repay you is to get together and come up with plan to pull the ultimate April Fool’s prank on you when you’re knackered after a long day taking care of them.

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Unsurprisingly, it almost went violently wrong:

Yup, Jalen was about 3 seconds away from an ass-whooping there, at the hands of a man who crushes every “my dad could beat up your dad” contest. I mean those are prison muscles for sure, aren’t they? Very well executed prank though – gotta give them that. Especially the bit where he asks for the ball right before his dad walks in to make it more believable. Last thing any dad wants during the quarantine era is a busted living room TV, that’s for sure.

You can tell by the way dad was walking away though that he’s already plotting his revenge. Speaking of which, wonder what ever became of that kid who spiked his dad’s drink with cattle tranquilizers?


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