Rapper Black Youngsta Violently Arrested After Withdrawing $200,000 In Cash

Black Youngsta Arrested

No chill.

A rapper named Black Youngsta was violently detained by police and had guns shoved in his face last week in Atlanta after he withdrew $200,000 in cash from a Wells Fargo bank in order to buy a new Mercedes.

The cops are claiming that it was a simple case of mistaken identity after they received a call to the bank about a guy trying to cash a forged cheque to the tune of $24,000. Apparently, Youngsta just happened to be at the same bank at the same time withdrawing the obscene amount of money, so police just zeroed in on him and his entourage when they saw them carrying a load of duffel bags to their car.

Atlanta police Sgt. Warren Pickard explains:

The description of the male provided was limited and conflicting,

It was quickly discovered that the person providing the description to the police had provided the wrong description of the suspect.

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Youngsta was visbly upset about the altercation, even though the correct suspect was identified fairly quickly:

I come out the bank, I see the police, I’m walking to my car.

I see one of them point to my bag like ‘him.’ They come bum-rushing me at the car, put me on the ground, putting guns to my head.

I’m finnin’ to go buy a vehicle. They got that new Mercedes out, you know, like the Maybach.

But they just really made me so mad, I don’t even want one — I might go buy a Ferrari now. I feel fast, you know.

Youngsta claims that the police confiscated $100, 000 of his money, although the police are disputing this. They’re not disputing the fact that they got the wrong man though, and were eventually able to arrest the correct suspect, 39 year old Charles Darnell Edward, who was charged with first degree forgery.

So how did this happen? It seems as though whoever called it in probably just told the cops that the suspect was ‘a black man in a vest’ (I’m trying to be nice there, but may have just said a black man here, let’s be honest) and the cops saw these black dudes with bags of money and just put two and two together.

Although that does sound pretty racist and awful, you probably do have to admit that the chances of someone matching that description (however vague) with a ton of money coming out of a bank is probably going to be the right guy 99% of the time, and this was in fact just an unlucky coincidence for Black Youngsta, however bad it looks to begin with.

There isn’t really any need for the cops to immediately arrest him and shove guns in his face though, no way of course, but I guess that’s just how US cops do it. It seems to happen all the time over there, and not just in cases of mistaken identity. I mean look at how this US cop treats this guy he just picked up speeding. They’re all fucking assholes.


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