Ben & Jerry’s New Cookie Dough Flavoured Beer Is The Most Delicious Drink Ever Made

Ben & Jerry's cookie dough beer

Game changer.

Sometimes when people put two loved ingredients together it turns out horribly – for example fried chicken ice cream and meat chocolate.

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But the makers over at Ben & Jerry’s know exactly what they’re doing and have made a wondrous creation that might just be the best drink ever made. Introducing Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavoured beer. Yum.

ben & jerry's salted caramel ale

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This is their second beer, after introducing the Salted Caramel Brownie Ale (how have I not heard about this before?) They are teaming up with brewer New Belgium in order to make the delicious new beverage.

We don’t have an exact date but apparently the beer will be on sale in autumn and will be available as six packs so hold your horses until then. This is gonna be a perfect summer drink although I reckon only a couple will be enough as they are most likely going to be sickly as hell.

Now we just need to get them on this weed infused ice cream idea and we’re good to go.


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