This Sick Chocolatier Has Launched The World’s First ‘Meat Chocolate’

Mustafa Farouk meat chocolate

Who would do that?

So I get that people like to eat chocolate, and they also like to eat meat right? But I still don’t really get why this chocolatier decided it would be a good idea to combine these two things. Surely that’s going to apply some seriously conflicting flavours.

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Nevertheless, AgResearch senior scientist Mustafa Farouk and Auckland boutique chocolate maker Devonport Chocolates teamed up to make the world’s first ‘meat chocolate’ made with 50% beef.

During the chocolate making process, the meat flavours and textures are removed or adapted and the end result is quite similar to Turkish delight, apparently. When put like that, maybe it doesn’t taste so bad?

Actually that really doesn’t look so bad. The only bit that perturbed me was seeing that huge slab of raw meat next to those seemingly delicious chocolates. Such an odd juxtaposition of food items.

Hey here’s an idea – why don’t you buy yourself some ‘meat chocolates’ and then a tub of this fried chicken ice cream and you can have yourself a freaky meat-themed dessert party.


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