Belle Delphine Is Now Selling A Tub Of Her Own Urine For $10,000

Back on her bullshit.

Remember Belle Delphine, the weird Instagram model who started selling her own bathwater to thirsty nerds all over the internet for $30 a pop and then seemingly had a nervous breakdown and disappeared?

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Well, it turns out that she’s back with a bang at the start of 2020 and is up to her old tricks as she’s now looking to hawk some of her personal items that are even ranker and more disgusting than her bathwater in the form of her used chewing gum and urine. Only one pot of urine is available and retails for a cool $10,000, whereas I get the picture that there are a whole bunch of pieces of used gum for sale and they only come in at $50 each.

I know which one I would be going for. If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to to buy it that is.

Well yeah, I guess if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it, just make it even more gross and the money will continue to pour in, right? It seems like the urine is still available though, so maybe that’s a bridge too far for all those Belle Delphine fans out there and they don’t actually want her urine? Or maybe they just can’t actually afford $10,000 for possession of a small tub or urine? Maybe Belle Delphine has finally overestimated her audience hey?

For more Belle Delphine, here’s a weird picture of her with a dead octopus. Mental.


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