Alastair Philip Wiper Absolutely Loves Photographing Big Stuff

Humans make impressive stuff, and Alastair Philip Wiper likes photographing it.

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Alastair Philip Wiper is a UK born photographer who now spends most of his time in Copenhagen, Denmark. He loves man made wonders and has a penchant for the large and strangely beautiful. Among his many projects he’s photographed the largest abattoir in the world (Denmark), the largest underground particle physics lab (Italy) and the building of the largest ship in the world (South Korea). Basically, he likes anything that has “largest” in the title.

But it’s not all about humongous things, Wiper has a general fascination with anything man-made. He gets off on the incredible complexity that us shaven apes have managed to build around ourselves. And he also has a lot of time for oddball architecture.

Skip across the following slides and revel in human ingenuity in all its stark and sterile beauty. First up the construction of a metallic South Korean Kraken:

Alastair Philip Wiper - Building Biggest Ship In The World S Korea 2

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