These Photographs Of An Actual Russian Hospital Will Make You Sick

Russian Hospital Featured

If this is real, then I despair for the people over there.

These photographs are allegedly taken from a hospital in Boyarkino village, Russia which is a small town that isn’t too far away from Moscow.

Once you have a look through this slideshow I guarantee that you’ll probably feel like puking because the conditions within the hospital are absolutely disgusting – there’s no clean water, mould and bacteria everywhere and there’s absolutely no way that anything in there can be sterile. It doesn’t even appear to have running water in some of the pictures.

Nevertheless though, people from the village and their children are forced to use the facilities as there’s literally nowhere else to go. Rural Russia is not somewhere I ever want to get sick, and having visited some weird places over there I can say that this isn’t exactly surprising.

If I was setting myself on fire and jumping off a building, or nailing my testicles to the Red Square, I would probably think twice about it if I knew I was going to end up somewhere like this afterwards.

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