Airline Forces Woman Off Her Flight Because Her Top Was Too Low & Allows Her Back On With Pilot’s Shirt (VIDEO)

The pilot was smooth AF.

In a world where you’re lucky to go an entire flight without someone taking off their shoes or socks, you would think airlines would be a bit more relaxed when it comes to women showing a little bit of cleavage.

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Not so in the case of Kayle Eubanks AKA Uzi Suzy (great name) who was booted off her Southwest Airlines flight this week:

Especially in this crazy coronaworld, surely a lady should be allowed to have her tits on display so long as she’s wearing a mask (which Kayla is clearly doing)?

You can tell by how the gate attendant is combing through the rule book that she’s just looking for any excuse to ruin Kayla’s day:

Even the pilot, who was smooth AF, knew it was nonsense:

“They’re hating on you cos you’re looking good” – what a line. How is this legend working for a low-cost airline and not commanding the Royal Air Force?

He ended up lending Kayla his shirt so she could board the plane:

Unfortunately we can’t get a look at the whole shirt but I’m pretty confident it’s an awesome one. What I’m wondering now is whether the pilot will end up taking some heat for his approach? Seems to me he was just trying to deescalate the situation and obviously succeeded in doing so. His wife might not be too happy about it though when she sees the video going viral (notice the wedding ring).

In the end, Southwest Airlines reached out to apologise to Kayla and offered her a refund for her troubles. All’s well that ends well eh?

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