VIDEO: Slow Motion Beatboxing Is Completely Weird And Disturbing

Slow Motion Beatboxer

It’s surprising nobody has done this before but there’s also a pretty good reason for it – it’s completely freaky and disgusting.

Slow motion generally makes everything way cooler – you name it, it’s just way better in slow motion – cool goals, leg breaks, stunts, Ralph Wiggum’s heart breaking, everything is just better in slow motion. So it’s kind of surprising that nobody has decided to feature beatboxing in slow motion yet because it’s so fast and weird that it would naturally lend itself to the medium.

It turns out there’s a pretty good reason for this though, because slow motion beatboxing is completely and utterly freaky and weird. But also, it’s kind of like a car crash in that you can’t look away as this guy’s weird lips and tongue are doing all these slow messed up movements. The beatboxer is called Flula FYI.

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