Affleck Versus Bale: 5 Reasons Why Bale Is The Better Batman

Christian Bale Ben Affleck

With the internet still reeling at Ben Affleck being cast as The Dark Knight, we take a look at why his interpetation of Batman will never ever be as good as Christian Bale’s.


Wet Towel

Ahh yes, the often overlooked skill of many actors – acting. Whilst Ben Affleck has pulled a few good performances across his filmography, he has also sullied whatever credit gained through his other films. For every Argo, there’s an Armageddon. For every Good Will Hunting, there’s a Gigli. And, most importantly, for every Dogma, there’s a Daredevil.

When portraying Batman, a calm yet menacing façade is the go-to look. A way of instilling fear and foreboding. On the plus side for Ben, Batman rarely shows emotion. Thus, you’d think this is his perfect role, but an actor with the screen presence of a flannel trying to pull off being a superhero – we have a major problem.

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