Affleck Versus Bale: 5 Reasons Why Bale Is The Better Batman

Christian Bale Ben Affleck

With the internet still reeling at Ben Affleck being cast as The Dark Knight, we take a look at why his interpetation of Batman will never ever be as good as Christian Bale’s.

That’s right folks, you aren’t in some horrid parallel universe you are in fact on Earth in the year 2013 AD, on the 23rd of August. The day Hollywood ruined a franchise. The day the demented studio executives raped one of, if not, the most iconic character of the past decade. The day Ben Affleck was cast as Batman.

In the history of the Caped Crusader and his various incarnations no choice has been as ill-informed as what we have here. Forget Batnipples. This is straight up Batman-buggery.

Arguably, the greatest representation of the superhero is by our very own Christian Bale. Many may not agree, but Clooney, Keaton or Kilmer didn’t bring the emotional weight or intensity that Bale did (and has done many times before). Clooney brought his Bat-Credit card, but, as we all should know – he never leaves the cave without it.

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So with Bale being crowned the greatest of the Batmans (Batmen? Batmanii?) let’s confirm in 5 steps why Christian Bale is infinitely better than Ben Affleck.

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