Affleck Versus Bale: 5 Reasons Why Bale Is The Better Batman

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With the internet still reeling at Ben Affleck being cast as The Dark Knight, we take a look at why his interpetation of Batman will never ever be as good as Christian Bale’s.


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One of the key reasons to the success of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy was the casting of Christian Bale as the lead character. As a moderately well-known actor, Bale had the pulling power as well as the ability to project the character without the audience being aware of the actor’s presence. Personally, this is one of the reasons why Clooney failed when he donned the suit. That and Joel Schumacher stuck nipples on said suit. FUCKING. NIPPLES.

I don’t want to sound bigoted but the fact that Schumacher is openly gay and is the only director to request Batnipples makes me think it was some sick ploy so that he could smash one out over George Clooney in a benippled Batsuit.

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Batman and his Bat Nipples

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