8 Fascinating Space Facts From Reddit AMAs With Astronauts

So, can you move by fart power alone in zero gravity? Finally we have an answer.

Not many folks get the opportunity to experience space; since humans were invented only 538 of us have managed to make it into orbit. After this incredible and rare experience a few have gone under the Reddit AMA microscope, and as is usually the case with these sorts of AMAs, some interesting insights came out. Questions ranged from the emotions involved in staring into the abyss to whether you can move in zero gravity using fart power alone. Go internet!

Below are a handful of the most intriguing answers given by earth’s impressive space boys and girls. It almost made me want to go into space, but apparently you’re not allowed cider or kebabs up there, so I might pass.

1) Space Farts

Astronaut Reddit AMA - Space Fart

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Billions of dollars and millions of man hours combine to create the mind-blowing technology necessary to send people into orbit. From the clothes they wear to the food they eat, science has managed created a hospitable environment in an area where there is no oxygen to breath and temperatures plummet to -270 degrees centigrade… and all we want to ask about is farts. Here’s Chris Hadfield waxing lyrical about interstellar brown notes:

…because it’s impossible to burp when weightless (the gas, liquid and solid in your stomach all mix together). As an experiment, try standing on your head and burping.

But can the gas propel you around the space station? Come on? Tell us!?:

We all tried it, but the farts were too muffled, not the right type of propulsive nozzle.

It warms my heart that these serious, well-trained, super intelligent guys and gals “all tried it”.

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