8 Fascinating Space Facts From Reddit AMAs With Astronauts

So, can you move by fart power alone in zero gravity? Finally we have an answer.

5) Is Zero Gravity As Cool As It Looks

Astronaut Reddit AMA - Fun in Space

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Zero gravity certainly looks like it should be awesome fun, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Chris Hadfield confirms that, as expected, being weightless is frikkin’ amazeballs. He said the best thing to do in the International Space Station (ISS) is:

…simply fly – to push off and glide magically to the other end of the station. It makes me smile to myself, every time… We even pose for Superman-like pictures, normally with a big goofy grin on our faces, but the inside of ISS is small enough that superhero leaps often end in a tumbling crash into the other wall.

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