Guy With Three Testicles Does Reddit AMA

Following in the foot steps of DoubleDickDude and the guy with no butt hole is Reddit user GardenofGandalf, an 18-year-old who boasts three nut sacks.

Following in the foot steps of DoubleDickDude and the man with no ass crack is Reddit user GardenofGandalf, an 18-year-old who boasts three nut sacks. He took the time to answer questions about his unique package on Reddit, and also provided a photo for proof (on the next page — obviously NSFW).

Let’s go:

Stickoftruthhelp: Not trying to be a creep but does that mean you have super loads. More Balls = more cum

Unless I measured the amount and compared it to other dudes I don’t really have any way of knowing haha.

MrCommentator: Do your balls get in the way when you try to walk?

They kind of orient themselves in a way that doesn’t cause any problems.

IAmTheTrueWalrus: Do you have a nickname for the almighty tri-sack? The trinity? Three musketeers? Threes-a-company?

The trinity is my favourite so far…

Floormaster84: At what point did you say i better have a doctor tell me its not cancer?

When I was a small child.

Mdinneed: Have you ever thought about doing porn?

Yes but no.

Heyfgt: Do you have a favourite?

Right one is the most normal.

Suckonthisx: Has a girl ever put all three in her mouth?

Unfortunately not yet 😉

HandsomeTurtles: Do you know DoubleDickDude?

I’ve seen the post.

Infected_Cvnt_Wart: Any issues with running? Also, when it’s hot out do all 3 stick to your legs or just two leaving the 3rd hanging like a little meatball pendulum?

All three. Two to the left, one to the right.

MuslimSlaughter: If you give them a squeeze, which one hurts the most?

The leftest one. It’s the weirdest.

Filthy7Tiara: Do you battle fear of rejection or teasing while dating? Have you tried/thought of getting one removed? Is that even a possibility? (Questions of the female mind)

Ive thought of getting one removed, sometimes I think of fear and rejection but then realise I could probably play it right. I’m sure it is a possibility.

Consideritsketched: Are they all the same size and function the same? Do they require any extra “attention?”

The rightest is a bit bigger. They don’t require extra attention.

Acadiaa: Do you ever do a newton’s cradle type thing with them?

Can’t say I’ve tried.

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Fascinating stuff. And now, as promised, a picture of GardenofGandalf’s balls. Click over for the NSFW image:

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