There Were Some A+ Beards On Show At The 7th Kunsag Beard Festival in Hungary

East London – eat your heart out.

Beards are about as “cool” today as they were in the 18th century. They’ve had quite a resurgence of late. Hipsters are adorning their brand new beards with Christmas decorations, making them look like animals and all manner of ridiculous oddities.

To be quite honest with you, it has annoyed me. I’ve been sporting a beard for over a decade and all of a sudden I look like a fashion victim. That’s not the worst bit though, in 12 months time when beards stop being cool, I will still have one; but instead of looking weird like I’m used to, I will look outdated, which is much worse.

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Any way, personal gripes aside, it was the 7th annual Kunsag Beard Festival recently which was attended by people who take their facial furniture very seriously indeed. If, like these Hungarians, you take facial topiary seriously you should check out our invaluable Sick Chirpse beard and moustache guide.

I read a little write-up on the Kunsag event in the Sri Lanka Mirror and their negative spin on the event made me smile:

The beard revolution appears to be at its peak with facial hair fast-becoming the must-have fashion accessory for men. But some experts have warned that beards are nothing more than a ‘bacterial sponge‘, riddled with thousands of bacteria – and a perfect way to pass on germs… Carol Walker, a consultant trichologist from the Birmingham Trichology Centre, said having facial hair can lead to more frequent skin infections and to germs being passed on to others.

So that’s put a downer on things hasn’t it? Oh well, skip through the following slides and enjoy yourself:

Hungary Beard Festival - Bernhard Haug of Germany

Hungary Beard Festival - Bernhard Heinzmann of Germany

Hungary Beard Festival - Erwin Butsch of Germany

Hungary Beard Festival - Gari Schmidbauer of Germany

Hungary Beard Festival - Istvan Ring of Hungary

Hungary Beard Festival - Norbert Topf of Germany


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