5 Things I’ve Learned Today That Will Blow Your Mind


Get your pub ammo fully loaded up these these 5 utterly useless but amazing pieces of information.

2) The Man Who Saved Millions Of Lives

TIL Reddit - James Harrison blood donor

An Aussie fella called James Harrison (born 1936, now 77) had some major surgery when he was 14. He required Litres and Litres of blood throughout the procedure. He promised that once he’d reached 18 he would give blood in thanks.

When Harrison hit 18 he did indeed give blood and it turned out that his blood was far from standard issue blood. His blood contains an unusually strong and persistent antibody called Rho(D) Immune Globulin. This amazing substance helps doctors battle rhesus disease which strikes pregnant mothers who develop antigens against their foetus.

In March 2011 Harrison gave his 1000th blood donation, and the products produced from his plasma have helped over 2.4 million mothers and their unborn children.

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