5 Things I’ve Learned Today That Will Blow Your Mind


Get your pub ammo fully loaded up these these 5 utterly useless but amazing pieces of information.

The stuff I learned today certainly won’t enable me to become the Prime Minister of Uganda or give me the skills to perfect nuclear fission, but it will make me slightly more annoying at parties: all good…

1) Sharks Are Older Than Trees

TIL Reddit - Sharks Older Than Trees 1

Sharks are older than trees? That’s pretty mind-blowing right? The oldest tree we know of with the same kind of structure as modern trees was called Archaeopteris and lived in the area now known as the Sahara desert. Archaeopteris grew about 350 million years ago in the Late Devonian period and made up the majority of the forests at that time. Sharks however have been drifting about looking cool and killing stuff for more than 400 million years.

Across that vast swathe of time the creatures of earth have faced no less than four mass extinctions, but the sharks didn’t even blink , they just continued looking like submarine sports cars and slaughtering the weak.

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