New York Artist Paints In Blood

Vincent Castiglia - Portrait

Vincent Castiglia uses his own fluids to make awesome art work that would scare the kids.

The world of art is awash with people painting with poo, blood, bile and jizz. It’s really nothing new at all. But en general these are gimmicky, splatter based, wastes of time. So when I came across New York artist, Vincent Castiglia, I was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t fit in to this swollen category. To be honest his work is pretty awesome. Lots of darkness and decay. Right up my street.

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Vincent Castiglia - Woman And ChildCastiglia was the first American artist to receive a solo exhibition invitation from, H.R. Giger to exhibit at the H.R. Giger Museum in Switzerland. That’s a pretty cool big up for the young Brooklyn born bleeder. (If you haven’t heard of Giger he designed the set and characters for the Alien films so he’s a bit of a boss).

Vincent Castiglia - Man x 2

Vincent’s newest show – Resurrection – opened in Soho, Manhattan on Thursday and will run for a couple of months. It’s themed around Castiglia’s “interest in life’s transience and harmony he sees between life and death” apparently. I just see the darkness and decay tbh, but maybe that’s just a fancy way of saying the same thing? I’m not down with artsy lingo, all I know is he’s painting with blood = COOL.

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Vincent Castiglia - Woman

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