5 Things I’ve Learned Today That Will Blow Your Mind


Get your pub ammo fully loaded up these these 5 utterly useless but amazing pieces of information.

3) Bank Of America Revenge

TIL Reddit - Warren Nyerges BOA revenge 1

In Naples, Florida back in 2010, the Bank of America foreclosed on a couple’s property in error. Warren Nyerges eventually won the case against the bank but when he attempted to get back the money he’d wasted on attorneys he hit a brick wall. After 5 months of frustrated phone calls Nyerges decided to go balls out.

Desperate and peed off he took a bold and totally brilliant step – he called in the bailiffs. The sheriff’s department was behind him and at 10 o’clock one sunny morning the sheriff and the bailiffs bowled into the bank. The re-possessors told the bank that if they didn’t pay up they would start taking furniture and cash. The bank manager eventually wrote out a cheque.

Sock it to the man dude.

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