5 Shocking Incidents Involving Exotic Pets

If you own something that’s capable of killing you, then you get what you deserve quite frankly.

If you decide you want to own an exotic pet so that people will think you are cool and rich, you deserve all you get. Wild animals, no matter how much you tame them will always remain wild at heart. You never know when they might just snap and destroy you. Why not just keep a massive and gross moth in your ear instead? That’s a lot more sensible than owning a natural-born mammal killer.

Below are listed some pretty dark examples of why you’ve got to know what you’re doing if you own a big wild beast. My personal opinion is that you should leave well alone and get a nice cat or something, but some people won’t be told.

1) Mountain Lion Mauling

Exotic Pet - Mountain Lion Maul comp

Amber Michelle Couch, of Odessa, Texas owned a mountain lion. Good one Amber. If she had looked after the kitty right she might have got away with it, but it turns out she was a bit of a pillock.

Amber got into trouble for not giving the mountain lion the shots it needed; she was also warned that the cage it was in was too small and the bars not close enough together. Amber decided to ignore all of these relevant warnings to her peril.

One fine day in October 2011 her 4-year-old nephew strayed too close to the bars. The 150 lb mountain lion took its chance and mauled the boy good. Amazingly he survived with gashes, bite marks to the face and puncture wounds. The mountain lion wasn’t so lucky, he got put down. That doesn’t seem entirely fair does it? It sounds to me like it should have been Amber that got put down?

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